Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of my favorite things to do is to plan a party! Especially birthday parties for my kids! I would have to say my favorite parties have been my son's 6th and 8th birthday! Of course those were also the hardest and most time consuming ones as well. When my son turned 6 he decided he HAD to have a veggies tales party. I thought to myself that is simple enough. Boy was I wrong! I could not find veggie tales party decor anywhere! I searched all over town at every party store and christian bookstore I could find. As the weeks went by I finally had to suck it up and make this party happen. The only thing I could do was make everything myself...pinata included! The pinatas alone took almost a week to make. 
Here is a picture of Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber not the best pinatas but the kids still loved them. Sadly this is the only picture I have of what I made for his party. I'm always running around making sure everything gets done during the party that I always have to rely on someone else to take pictures. 

The angry birds party we had for his 8th birthday turned out really great. Especially considering it was an outdoor party and it rained most of the day. For 8 years we have had his party outside and every year it was gorgeous outside until this past year. It not only rained but we had a big thunderstorm to go with it. I was so bummed because I spent so much time making him his very own life size angry birds game! Since we had just had my daughter I kept all of the big boxes we were getting and put them to good use. Of course I found the idea on pinterest and made it my own way.

Even with the rain the kids had a blast! I knew they would love it but I had no idea it would be an all day event playing angry birds! Even the adults got in on it! I made the slingshot out of an extra long theraband that I had from the physical therapy clinic I use to work at. It worked perfectly. Theraband stretches great and doesn't break due to tension. The ball was simply bad from a red dodge ball that I painted the red birds face on with acrylic paint. The tough part is going to be topping this party next time. My son has already told me he wants Skylanders for his next party which is still 8 months away! What I'm really excited for is my daughter's 1st birthday! I'm embarrassed to say I've already started planning for it even though she's only 5 months! I can't help myself though girls are so much fun! So here are a few things I found pictures of from my favorite parties. Please feel free to share your party ideas, tips and tricks with me! I love hearing new ideas!! 

Mrs. Supermom

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Supermom's Journey

I am not a professional blogger or writer so please do not judge me by my writing skills. I simply enjoy making and creating new things and want to share them with other people. I have to admit I am addicted to pinterest. I'm known for pinning 100 pins in under 5 minutes on  a daily basis. The difference though is I actually make the things that I pin. That is the fun part about it! I would much rather make something myself then go to the store and buy it for twice as much. So here begins my journey to crafting, pinning and striving to be supermom. Enjoy! 

Mrs. Supermom